Welcome to the DC Flood Task Force’s Action Plan Hub. Here you can learn about the actions that the District of Columbia is taking to reduce flood risk in the city, and the Action Plans that were officially approved by the Full Task Force in 2022 and 2023. Click here to return to the DC Flood Task Force Home Page.

Action Categories

The Task Force is required by the City Administrator to develop at least one Action Plan for each of 9 Action Categories shown below.

Flood Insurance

Repairing Flood Damage


Sewer Line Backups

Flood Infrastructure

Regulations and Permitting

Mapping and Modeling

Planning and Coordination

Emergency Response

Action Plans

Initial ideas for Actions were provided in the Background Document as part of the Task Force Establishment. Through Action Team (subcommittee) meetings, public input, and Task Force direction, the Task Force has identified 27 Actions for District agencies to implement. Each Action Plan is listed below. Click any of the “Group by…” buttons at the top of the table to sort the actions in different ways.

Action Plan Lists

Action Plans

Action Plan Status by Year

Each Action Plan has a section that describes the plan’s implementation timeline. The tables below show the timelines for all actions together by Fiscal Year (FY). Every Action Plan is assigned a high level status for each year in the next 10 FYs. The status options are: